Complete Diagnosis of Vehicle


Vehicles we drive today are filled with computers and sensors controlling the engine and transmission performace.  The experts at Schulte will pin point the problem(s) and give you the best options avabaile to repair your vehicle.


     Automatic Transmission Rebuilds/Repairs


If it is determined that a rebuild is required to fix your vehicle properly, you can trust that a master technician will rebuild the original unit out of your vehicle, in house, with superior parts.  They will also inspect and thoroughly clean all internal and external components.  After the rebuild we will refill the fluid to proper levels, road test vehicle, and make any external adjustments needed, all to give you peace of mind that your tranmission was rebuilt properly. 


     4-Wheel Drive(4X4)


To insure a properly working 4X4 system, many parts need to work togeather including; mode switch, 4X4 computer, transfercase motor, and front differential actuator.  To diagnosis your 4X4 system bring your vehicle to Schute Transmission for proper inspection.


     Manual Transmission Repairs and Clutch Services


We do manuals transmission too!  Think your clutch pedal is a little soft, or just slipping when your taking off from a stop sign? We can fix that. After our inspection, you will know if just a simple external adjustment will bring your clutch pedal back, or if a more major repair is required with one of our experts technicians.


     Performance, Antique, and Custom Transmissions


Have an old muscle car that you want to cruise down the highway 70MPH.  We can take out that old        3-speed transmission and replace it with a fully rebuilt, over drive transmission and make any modifications that may be required to make it fit and run smooth. Just want that 3-speed to shift more postive on and off the track. We offer a full range of transmission reprogram kits.  Schultes is one of the only transmission shops in the area that rebuild antique tranmissions in house. (1930-today)   Like to dirt track race?  Having troubles with your transmission, use our years of experience at dirt track racing to help you Win!